Sublimated Basketball Uniforms

Sublimated Basketball Uniform

Sublimated Basketball Uniforms

Custom Team Uniforms

Here goes a set of custom sublimated basketball uniforms to the Archbishop Neale girls basketball team.  The jerseys are reversible with custom print text and numbers on the front of the garment.

On the backs of the reversible jerseys the team put their player last name and a larger number.  Usually we will go with the 8″ player number and 2-2.5 inch player name.  These are optional.  As well, you can add more colors and outlines to any text, logo or side panel. 

These are really nice basketball uniforms, but on the grand scheme of things they are more on the traditional and plain style.  You can be as bold or bland as you want.  Thanks for visiting the site. This site will be fully operational soon. Until that time, contact us and design basketball uniforms online at

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