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Pinnies Custom

For just over eleven years now, we have been manufacturing and selling pinnies custom to all over the globe. Check out these sublimated jerseys we did for the Generals lacrosse team.

Its hard to believe that when we started operations back in 2007 that we would produce as many reversible jerseys and pinnies as we have. I would have to guesstimate that we have shipped well over one million since the first days we started. As you may have read, we started out in the basement of a house in Brookeville, Maryland. Since that time, our product has evolved into what we would like to call a masterpiece. For a long time, we had lacrosse players asking us to make a cropped more loose fitting reversible jersey.

So we took an old basketball jersey we liked from another brand and modified it to our liking. At first, we made one style of reversible jerseys in only adult sizes. We did not have a hem sewing machine at the time so we just finished the bottoms with a really plain serger cross stitch.

Evolution of Pinnies Custom

Looking back it really is pretty funny that we sold as many pinnies the first year we started as we did. We launched the lacrosse pinnies dot com site in 2008. I remember a time when I told one of the guys here that we may have to turn the site off because we were getting more orders than we could handle. Great problem to have. Since that time we added youth and womens style reversible jerseys too. Our big push in late 2000 was dye sublimated reversible jerseys.

We started seeing some competition on the mesh jerseys from overseas manufacturers. Their product was inferior and cheaply priced, but it hurt us a bit. Every board walk shop and their brother was buying overseas garbage and sadly it was selling. And the come at me bro phase of mesh pinnies rode it hard for about three summers. We all wanted to vomit.

But this influx of other brands and competitors has only sharpened our skills and drive to stay on top. We were the first pinnies only site in the world. A few wanna be brands started up with mimicked products and styles, but we still remain on top. We were the first company to draw and make the womens racerback pinnies. My daughters play sports and I am always noticing the other brands that have basically taken our pattern and made the exact garment. Oh well, imitation is the biggest form of flattery.

So we decided to keep expanding our product line to lacrosse shorts, lacrosse uniforms, shooter shirts and more. Everyone at Lightning Wear has played at some youth high school collegiate or even professional level for every sport imaginable. Our focus expanded to basketball uniforms, soccer uniforms, football warmups and so much more. With dye sublimation technology, the opportunities for expansion in to other markets and uniforms greatly improved. Unlike many of the startups and resellers, we know what we are doing. We can handle any quantity. No order is too big or small. So if you are in the market for custom uniforms for your team, please give us a call at 888-438-7875 and we will get you outfitted without breaking your bank. Thanks for reading my post on pinnies custom.

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