Boys Soccer Uniforms

boys soccer uniforms

Boys Soccer Uniforms

Special thanks to Steve and the U12 Champions in Frisco Texas for this awesome picture of the Crimson Team in their boys soccer uniforms.

The team took the championship this past weekend and their coaches and staff seem to think that the Lightning Wear uniforms had a lot to do with it. You know the old saying when you look good you play good too.

The sublimated soccer jerseys were raglan cut in maroon color. We added the white sleeves with the Texas flag on one side and the player number on the left.

The sublimated shorts were white and simple. Boys added their custom numbers to the bottoms of these as well. So as you can see we are definitely not just a lacrosse company. More so, our guys may not be in the pro soccer circuit, but they sure know how to make their parents and coaches smile. Their great play in our uniforms makes us very proud too. Congratulations boys.

Sublimated Boys Soccer Uniforms

As you can see, the possibilities with sublimated boys soccer uniforms are endless. We have a set group of colors we use. But if you have another color in mind that you do not see, there is a great chance that we are going to match whatever it is you are looking for. The same goes with numbers logos and patterns. Because this stuff is dyed in to the fabric our possibilities are endless. Our adult and kids soccer uniforms are made to last more than just a season too. Coach Steve buys a lot of uniforms from us. He will hopefully attest to the fact that our uniforms are quality, but they do not break your wallet.

So if you are looking to get some cool soccer uniforms designed up, give us a call and our art department will make boys soccer uniforms that will make you win. Well maybe. They will definitely make you look cool.

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